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How To Protect Your Home From Heavy Rainfall

Posted by Krystle Schultz on Wed, Aug, 15, 2012

 drainageAfter the numerous rain storms this summer, many homes have experienced water damage due to overflowing gutters and leaders.  Water in your home can ruin the structure along with creating mildew and black mold producing a health risk.  Wet wood will attract insects such as termites and carpenter ants. 

Be proactive and follow these helpful hints:

1. Clean all gutters and leaders.

2. Connect gutters and leaders to PVC piping to direct water a minimum of 10’ away from foundation.

3. Install drywells to direct water away from home and into ground.

4. Install catch basins to catch surface water and move into ground and away from home.

5. Install French drains to direct water away from patios, gardens and house foundations.

6. Cover all window wells with clear heavy duty plastic. Secure to house making it easy to remove if necessary.

7. Very Important! Clean out existing window wells, catch basins, drywells and French drains. They fill up with dirt, leaves and debris. Clean and inspect several times a year.

8. Purchase and place inexpensive battery operated sensors to notify you of any leaks or water problems. They could possibly save you a lot of money and headaches! You can purchase this item on our site for only $19.99 by clicking here! Or call us and we will ship it out to you right away.

water alarm

The hurricanes season is upon us we could receive a 2-4” rainfall during a 24 hour period. Are you prepared? Can your home handle a big rainstorm?

If you have any questions or concerns and would like a free evaluation for your drainage problem, call Rain Rich Sprinklers at (631) 423-2211 or click here and ask us about The Rain Rich Drainage Solution.

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10.5 Tips For Preparing Your Home For Winter!

Posted by Richard Silverman on Fri, Nov, 04, 2011

The official beginning of winter is only 6 weeks away and its hard to believe that summer and fall are almost over. I love the winter and there is much to do before it begins and the weather becomes difficult.

Here is a short list that I recommend and that I have found to be very beneficial to keeping my home in great shape.

1. Have your home heating system checked out as soon as possible. Clean and replace filters. Get your oil tanks filled up now and have your gas furnace looked at.

insulate your home2. Insulate your home including doors, windows, attic and crawl spaces.

3. Clean all gutter and leaders.  Clogged gutters and leaders lead to water damage to the house and flooding in the basements.

4. Bring your snow blower in for service now! Do not wait until that 1st snowfall. Give the service shop two weeks lead time to repair anything that might be loose or broken. Improper maintenance and operation of the snow blower can lead to serious injury.

air conditioning cover resized 6005. Cover AC units outside to prevent leaves and debris from accumulation inside of the unit.

6. Walk the outside of your home and visually inspect for damages to shingles, roof, foundation, etc. Have these things repaired to keep water, moisture, snow, insects and mice from getting inside your home.

7. Caulk, insulate and repair damaged parts of doors and windows before the temperature really drops.

8. Put away all outdoor furniture, umbrellas, etc.  to keep from being damaged and blown around with strong winter winds.

9. Trim trees that might destroy your home or property.winterize lawn sprinklers

10. WINTERIZE your sprinkler system!

10.5 Check outside lighting and outdoor fixtures. Replace bulbs and lamp fixture that are old, blown out or in bad shape.

The goal is to be safe, secure and warm throughout this winter. Being proactive now and making these repairs and improvements is best. Due to the difficultly of working in cold weather, completing repairs now can also save you bick bucks later on.

If you need help with any of the above then please call us 631.423.2211 for a free consultation or click here now.

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6 Solutions to Your Landscape Drainage Problems

Posted by Kim Steed on Wed, Oct, 19, 2011

catch basinThe heavy rainfalls we have experienced since mid August have damage many properties and flooded basements throughout the Long Island area. When rain falls at a greater rate than the soil can absorb it runs off to lowest points and this can be in your property, against your home, or in your basement! If the problem is not addressed than there can be physical damage to property and also can lead to health problems such as black mold in the house.

Fortunately there are many low cost solutions that can help including:clogged pipes

  1. Clean all gutters and leaders.

  2. Connect gutters and leaders to drywells or direct water away from home.

  3. Clean out all window wells and cover with heavy duty covering.

  4. Install drains and catch basins to catch surface water.

  5. Install French drains to divert water away from patios, gardens, and house foundations.

  6. Install low cost battery operated sensors to notify you of any leaks you may have in your home.

drainage pipeToday we have great equipment and material to provide for a successful efficient solution to all your drainage issues.

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